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What Goes Here?

Andrew excluded Holiday Greetings from the Ed Sullivan Show from this category after I had added it based on the inclusion of other video compilations such as Saturday Night Live DVDs, The Best of the Jimmy Dean Show, and A Classic Christmas from The Ed Sullivan Show.

The reason was that we don't categorize it as a video appearance unless it was specifically for home video. I can understand The Best of the Jimmy Dean Show and A Classic Christmas from The Ed Sullivan Show to be different, as they appeared edited. But isn't the SNL stuff, similar to Holiday Greetings from the Ed Sullivan Show, taken straight from the material as it aired?

What I mean is, wouldn't it make sense/be search-friendlier if this category included any TV appearance that was later put on video as well? — Julian (talk) 20:25, November 7, 2009 (UTC)

The others are actually compilations just for video. Otherwise, we'd have to include every special that was also put out on VHS, which there's a ton of, like For Our Children or The Earth Day Special and so on. We could do that if there's a consensus but we'd have to re-define our category label, which is explicit that this is for "Appearances made in non-Henson/Sesame/Muppet media produced for home video" (though even that might stand a rewrite to clarify that it also includes exclusive home video compilations). The SNL stuff is different, I agree, but basically this was the best category for an article specifically on a *video* release, not a production which later wound up on video. Otherwise there's no real category for that DVD page (outside of Category:The Land of Gorch, where it looks a bit akward anyway). Maybe a category redefinition is in order, especially given how small this category is, though I'm still not sure I like the idea of sticking the tag on every special/guest spot episode that got a home video release (since then we'd have to toss in Reading Rainbow, The Cosby Show, Free to Be... a Family and so on, especially since the majority of those are out of print or, for guest spots on series, it can sometimes be awkward to try to note the video release, either seasons on DVD or a standalone episode; that would work better as a list than a category). -- Andrew Leal (talk) 20:29, November 7, 2009 (UTC)
Also, Julian, Holiday Greetings isn't a compilation, but a TV special in which Kermit and Miss Piggy and others made a guest appearance to promote The Muppet Christmas Carol (no clips or anything), so that puts it on par with everything else in Category:TV Appearances. Though actually, the more I think about it, part of the reason I don't like changing the definition is the label, "Video Appearances," which matches our other appearance category, but would basically mean something fairly different (and to some extent it does now). Maybe a category rename (I can't think of a simple one right now) would help (since it would basically be "appearances in another medium that were later released on video") or even a conversion to a list to handle that kind of thing. The sparse stuff that was specifically for video (I'm Going Back There Someday) can stay and some of the others can be merged (especially the Saturday Night Live page, which I think we created mainly because it was still "In Development" at the time) and a chart created to note releases of anything else. -- Andrew Leal (talk) 20:33, November 7, 2009 (UTC)
OK, I see. I just thought and still think that it would be great to have a place for releases of TV appearances that would otherwise only be available through fan trades, and believed this category to be it. — Julian (talk) 20:49, November 7, 2009 (UTC)

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