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Oh, Cecil

Sadly my copy of this special is missing the closing credits so someone with the credits might be able to answer this easily and squash all debate and worry... What's the source on the "so-and-so the whatever" naming of all of these characters? In all of the on-screen dialog they just go by their names - such as "Milton" or "Blanche"; not once as "Milton the Golden Toad" or "Blanche the Chameleon" (although their species are referenced). Do these extended names come from the credits or some other official source. Or have the fans just blurred the name and species into one unofficial title over time?

All of these articles were either created by Dean back in July, or created by Austin in August based on the red-links in the "characters" section Dean left on the special's main article back in July as well. Dean is not around to ask what the source is, so is anyone with some references (such as the credits) able to clear up if these are properly named or if we should call Cecil? -- Brad D. (talk) 08:26, 5 December 2006 (UTC)

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