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This isn't a question, just a statement of intent really. In a little while, I'm planning to break up this category. As of now, there's an average of two to six dubs for each film represented (I'm still researching the first three movies, where info is harder to come by). Since the titles tend to blur together and none make sense unless you know the languages in question (or enough to pick out key phrases), I'm going to go ahead and make a category for each, which can then also be easily placed within that film's main category. There's plenty more to add of the recent dubs, and while some of the categories may only have two or three total, it makes for easier browsing all around, so one knows at a glance what the movie in question is (just as we broke up Category:International Translations in general by show, for the same reason). -- Andrew Leal (talk) 01:29, 3 March 2008 (UTC)

I created International Muppet Movies (Germany) in order for me to better be able to work on the German dubs. To get there through a portal on this here category, I tried adding the following code. I was hoping that the same could be done for the other languages too, offering a few "country buttons" at the top for browsing's sake, but the code...
{|Image Size = 140
{|Box1 = [[:Category:International Muppet Movies (Germany)|Germany]] ; German-Muppet-Movie-Poster.jpg
...would not work. Does anyone know why? Does the Portal code not allow category links? And if so, can it be fixed? — Julian (talk) 20:50, December 12, 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, A) we hadn't tried this subdivision before (by country) and B) the whole point of the portals has been indeed to link to specific articles, a sampling of what's available, not categories (though Scott can likely find a way around that); in cases where there's just a few categories or only categories period it's generally not needed. So rather than a portal, here anyway, it would be an issue of subdivision further, I think. If they're going to be by country, it might be easier to have two subcategories, one for movies by title, one for movies by country, and in both cases. In fact, it feels to me like Germany would be more workable as a list/gallery page instead), have those in a single category (France, Spain, Mexico, Sweden, and Italy for example all have enough for eventual subdivision, Spain complicated by the existance of Catalan-language dubs for the Catalanya regions, but Poland, Netherlands, and others certainly don't and at best would be a kind of "Miscellaneous Countries" which is so so for an article and terrible for a category) or some other approach. -- Andrew Leal (talk) 21:05, December 12, 2009 (UTC)
I agree with all of that, hoping that I understand you correctly by that you would approve of Germany having a gallery page. It would be great if Scott could find a way, like you say, or would that not mean to categorize it, but rather create a whole new page for it (something like "German Muppet dubs")?
Not only is it easier to navigate and work on these, it'd also be so much easier on the eye, pretty pictures and all.
I just created International Muppet Specials (Germany) as well, since it's easier to see what's missing, and to just go for the red-links. Muppet Specials doesn't have a whole slew of specials in its top gallery (probably due to the fact that there are just too many), but I'd like to get permission and add all of the ones with existing German dubs to said German category. Again, even though it might look incomplete at first, it'd be so much easier to keep an overview of what's still missing. — Julian (talk) 22:13, December 12, 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, I was thinking of a page rather than a category. That way you can showcase the pretty pictures without having to mess with the portal (which was designed to be representative rather than inclusive (that's why there's two rows only on the specials category), since they're designed as a sampler, to show some of the goodies inside) and an uneven number looks odd. A gallery serves the same function in terms of navigation and redlinks won't feel so obvious or problematic there (we have plenty of redlinks on articles, but redlinks on a category page really is off-putting or even confusing, since a category, outside of adding items to it, isn't a "work in progress" in the way articles and gallery pages are). Or alternately, if you still think categories work best and others agree, then create a "Muppet Dubs (Germany)/German Muppet Dubs" category and subcategorize, which would make for less awkward titles ("German Movies" would suffice then, with a one-line description, "German Specials," "German Direct-to Video," and Series for Die Muppet Show, Die Fraggles, the German Dog City, etc.; possibly a subcat for Sesamstrasse dub-only productions even which could go in both their and Category:Sesamstrasse.) I still personally favor just a gallery, which now that the width can be adjusted to taste (not doable or advisable really with, say, some of the minor alternate covers or parking additional dubbing photos, but it works very well on pages like Jerry Nelson Cameos) means they'd look as pretty or even prettier than in portal form (except the background is still grey, but Danny talked to Scott about looking into that). But those are two options. I'm hoping someone else weighs in on this too (since it's easier to get a consensus or compromise, either way, than with just two). -- Andrew Leal (talk) 01:46, December 13, 2009 (UTC)

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