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Performer ID

Well the series has been over for about 5-months now, and who knows how long will keep the videos archived and avalible for mining. So can any one ID the performers (probally either Massey or Yerrid) for the following characters:

The Blimp (24 & 33), The Procrastinator (24), The Defroster (24), Beaverine (24), The Invisible Twins (24), Scorn (24), Jimmy Pureisle (34), Video Rental Clerk (27), Superman (27), Spamela Hamderson (19), Alvy Mellish (15)

If anyone can get that information and either add it to the character pages and/or the cast list that would be swell. -- Brad D. (talk) 19:07, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

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