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Just a note to everyone using the cite tags. It's good to flag anything that's unsourced or doubtful, but it helps if the rest of the community knows it's there and in some cases *why*. Otherwise, they just go into this category, which only one or two of the admins tend to check and then only occasionally, and it makes it harder to figure out which cases differ from another. Some are long-term issues, where we know the info exists but haven't been able to double check the precise source or be more specific (it's used in one or two cases when a year and periodical title are included as the source and it needs expansion). In the early days of this category, nearly every issue was also mentioned on the talk page as well, which means we can just look at the talk page to see what the problem was and what evidence is there (in some cases, cite tags have been added for issues already threshed out there). That's not always necessary, but when it isn't, please be sure and use the edit summary ("cite tag added for performer trivia" or something) so it's clearer why something has been added. If its info about a specific guest appearance added by a reliable user (the history will show), and they're still active, it's often better to just ask them on their user page, since often they're not even aware any issue exists. We all get in a hurry sometimes, but if everyone can try to follow these tipes when possible and appropriate, it would help a lot. -- Andrew Leal (talk) 01:56, 5 May 2008 (UTC)

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