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Big Bird Oscar the Grouch
Understudy: Matt Vogel
Since 1997
Understudy: Eric Jacobson
Since 2015

Big Bird


Spinney and Vogel on the set

Matt Vogel has served as Caroll Spinney's understudy for Big Bird, since 1997. In most cases before Season 48, Vogel would manipulate the puppet to Spinney's vocals (either pre-recorded, dubbed in post-production, or provided live on set), however there have been several appearances and performances where Vogel has provided the vocals for Big Bird as well, most notably in the Journey to Ernie segments that ran from 2002 to 2005.

Appearances before Season 48 where Matt Vogel performed Big Bird's voice:

Oscar the Grouch


Oscar on Last Week Tonight

By 2015, Eric Jacobson became Spinney's understudy for Oscar the Grouch; often lip-syncing to a prerecorded vocal track by Spinney, and other times doing the voice himself.

Appearances before Season 48 where Eric Jacobson performed Oscar's voice:

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