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Gavin Robins • (body, part 1)
Thomas Holesgrove • (body, parts 2 & 3)
Nicholas McKay • (voice)

Cargn is a Scarran ambassador to the Royal Planet, and duplicitous advisor to Prince Clavor, in the Farscape "Look at the Princess" storyline from season 2, appearing in "A Kiss Is but a Kiss," "I Do, I Think," and "The Maltese Crichton." Cargn poisoned the DNA of Princess Katralla to proclude the possibility of her finding a compatible spouse, and thus enabling Clavor to inherit the throne. This would give the Scarrans power over the planet and a foothold against the Peacekeepers. When things turn sour, Cargn murders Clavor, before being dispatched by John Crichton.

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