Written by Howard J. Blumenthal
Published 1992
Publisher Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 0316100765

Careers in Television is the first volume in the juvenile reading series You Can Do It! which highlights the variety of jobs in television. Each of the book's twenty chapters profiles an individual involved in the television industry, with sections on their day-to-day activities, and concluding advice on preparing for a job in a particular field. Text is accompanied by black & white behind-the-scenes photos.

Dulcy Singer is profiled (pages 80-89) on her position as executive producer of Sesame Street. A short biography on her life and career opens the chapter, followed by three sections:

  • The Making of Sesame Street
An overview on the show's production. Beginning with a curriculum subject, a list of segments is formed. Then, head writer Norman Stiles reviews the list and assigns an episode to a writer, who scripts the street scenes and selects certain Muppet inserts. Meanwhile, producer Arlene Sherman works with the curriculum coordinator and filmmakers on new live-action and animated segments. The street and Muppet segments are filmed in Manhattan over a course of months (described in the book as taking place from September until February).
  • A Typical Day on Sesame Street
Singer discusses her daily activities; including observing studio rehearsals and meetings with crew members. She describes several creative decisions made during the process, one of which sheds light on a then-potential project — “... we've been talking about a twenty-fifth anniversary special that might feature all of the Sesame Street programs seen around the world” — the genesis of what became Sesame Street Stays Up Late.
  • Dulcy's Advice