Written by Jacques Offenbach
Date 1858
Source Orpheus in the Underworld (opera)

The Lautrec Sisters, a quartet of female rats, audition for The Muppet Show in episode 208 with the "Garbage Can-Can," to the tune of Offenbach's popular "Can-Can."

The song appears again in episode 515 as one of the various music rhythms interrupting Carol Burnett's performance of Watch What Happens.

An excerpt of the "Can-Can" was also featured in Grover's Overtures.

An excerpt also appears in the Elmo's World episode "Dancing" when Elmo opens the closet door to reveal what he is thinking about.

Elmo, Ernie, Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, Zoe, and Marina Arriola sing and dance to a variation of the song in the stage show Vuela con SésamoAventura at PortAventura.

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