Book.Bugged by Bugs

Bugging out!

Based on "Back to Nature and "Buggin'"
Published 2001
Adapted by Kiki Thorpe
Illustrator John Nez
Original story by Claudia Silver and P. Kevin Strader
Publisher Simon Spotlight

Tutter finds himself having a "bad bug day." It all starts when he's out in his garden and Ojo warns him about a bee. Bear helps sooth Ojo's fears, but Tutter doesn't want anything to do with bugs. They're big and scary and they eat all his food. Then he begins to find that some bugs are actually quite nice after meeting a friendly bug named Bertha, and after watching a Butterfly climb out of its cocoon.

This book combines original illustrations with photos of the characters from the show. It also combines story elements from two episodes of the program.


Tutter, Ojo, Bear, Bertha, Treelo, and Pip and Pop

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