PERFORMER Brandon Maggart Buddy
  James Catusi Jim
DEBUT 1969

The duo attempt to screw in a light bulb, first seen in Episode 0007.


Buddy and Jim were a human comedy duo who appeared on Sesame Street during the first season. The bungling pair were featured in filmed inserts, and failed at such tasks as hanging a picture and making a sandwich. The sketches featured theme music by Joe Raposo. While usually only appearing in their own sketches, they are often mentioned by the adults before their segments start. Buddy also appeared without Jim in a song with the Anything Muppets, called "Before and After". (First: Episode 0047)

As described by Stefan Kanfer in a Nov. 23, 1970 TIME article, "In its first series, Sesame Street used two clowns, Buddy and Jim, to illustrate problem solving. They were a walking Polish joke, one lifting and turning the other to screw in a light bulb, refusing a nail because it was turned the wrong way."

They were replaced in Season 2 by another comedy team, Larry and Phyllis, who were in turn succeeded by Wally and Ralph in Season 3.


  • Hanging a Picture : Buddy buys a picture that he wants to hang up. Jim decides to help him hang the picture, but encounters problems such as using a balloon to put a nail into a wall, realizing that the nail is pointing in the wrong direction, and eventually deciding that the artwork is the stupidest picture he has ever seen. (First: Episode 0001)
  • Ironing Board : Buddy and Jim try to figure out how to get an ironing board into another room. (First: Episode 0002)
  • Tennis Shoes and Heavy Workboots : Buddy and Jim have trouble getting a pair of tennis shoes and heavy workboots into their boxes. (First: Episode 0003)
  • Falling Picture : Buddy and Jim get confused when a picture falls off their wall. (First: Episode 0004)
  • Umbrellas : Buddy and Jim try to explain what umbrellas are for, and get wet in the process. (First: Episode 0005)
  • Mirror : Buddy and Jim both look into a mirror, believing it to be a picture of both or either of them. This sketch was later re-shot with Wally and Ralph in Buddy's and Jim's respective places. (First: Episode 0006)
  • Sandwich : Buddy and Jim attempt to make a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich; ultimately, Buddy constructs it as a "triple-decker." (First: Episode 0008)
  • Checkers : Buddy and Jim try to play checkers, but they cannot get their chairs pointed in the right directions. (First: Episode 0014)
  • What Happens Next : Bob plays "What happens next" using photographs of Buddy and Jim going down a slide, and playing with a jack-in-the-box. (First: Episode 0015)
  • Shoes and Socks : Buddy and Jim try to put on shoes and socks. (First: Episode 0017)

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