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Rua Sesamo Brinca Comigo

Brinca Comigo Rua Sesamo, mainly called Brinca Comigo is the second Portuguese dub of Play With Me Sesame. It is basically the third season of Play With Me Sesame and the second Portuguese dub of Play With Me Sesame, first being Abre-te Sésamo. It premiered on Portugal's RTP in 2012. This is the third dub in Portugal, first being Rua Sésamo, and second being Abre-te Sésamo.

Character Translations and Voices

English Character Name Portuguese Character Name Portuguese Voice Actor
Ernie Égas Rui de Sá
Bert Becas Pedro Bargado
Grover Gualter Pedro Bargado
Prairie Dawn Rosinha Sandra de Castro
Zoe Zoe Ana Vieira-Maria
Cookie Monster Monstro das Bolachas Tiago Retré
Elmo Simão Carla Garcia
Big Bird Poupas Rui de Sá
Herry Monster Ari Peter Michael
Telly Telmo Tiago Retré
Oscar the Grouch Óscar Pedro Bargado
Snuffy Trombinhas Peter Michael
Abby Cadabby Aida Cadabra Carla Garcia
Count von Count Conte de Kontarr Peter Michael


  • Prarie Dawn's name changed from Rosinha (Rua Sesamo) to Diana (Abre-te Sésamo), back to Rosinha (her original Portuguese name).
  • Big Birds's name shares the same name as the resident Portugal bird Poupas.

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