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In order to not look like the series is including product placement, fake products are created for the shelves of Hooper's Store on Sesame Street.

  • Absorba Paper Towels (43/44)
  • Baby Mush: comes in "Mashed Matzah," "Smooshed Samosa," "Strained Plantain," and "Crushed Kimchi" flavors.
  • Birdseed Snacks (43/44)
  • Booberface Babyfood Mashed Thanksgiving Dinner (43/44)
  • Can-O-Soup
  • Corn Flakes
  • Cushy Tushy Baby Wipes
  • Dooty Free Diapers (43/44): Huggies logo seen above.
  • Dooty-Free Diapers
  • Fez Turtle Clusters
  • Fishy Floatbits: Fish food
  • Flochman's Yellow Mustard (43/44)
  • Justawash Handsoap (43/44)
  • Gooey Crunch Cereals Marshmallows and Stars (43/44)
  • Gulp It cups (43/44)
  • Hedda Chedda Original Macaroni and Cheese Dinner
  • Hinee Poo 99c Bathroom Tissue (43/44)
  • Kleer (43/44)
  • Kookio's
  • Meowina Kitty-Mix (43/44)
  • Nutri-Dots!
  • NoLogo Cruisers (43/44): A Pampers package with the NoLogo attached.
  • NoLogo Sponges (43/44)
  • Pasta Boxie: "A worldwide excursion in a box"
  • Pineapple Island Fruit Cocktail
  • Puff Dandy Cereal
  • Pussina: cat food
  • Ripe Tomato Ketchup (43/44)
  • Scoopy Cat Litter (43/44)
  • Skin Gleem Deodorant Soap (43/44)
  • SLAM: 25% More Slammin Meat (43/44)
  • Sonia's Toaster Bread Plain Bread Crumbs (43/44): According to Annie Evans, this is a reference to Sonia Manzano, whose character Maria fixes toasters.
  • Spudley's Mashed Potatoes (43/44)
  • Tasty-O's
  • UF-Oh's Cereal
  • Upper Krusties


  • Budgie Boy (43/44)
  • Ducky Time (43/44)
  • The Furry, a comic book (43/44)
  • NOW (43/44)
  • Parrot's Review (43/44)
  • Paparazzi Magazine
  • Prank Monthly (43/44)

Sesame Family Robinson featured various brands.

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