PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1978

Brad is Bert's nephew who appeared on Sesame Street from around 1978 to 1980 (seasons 9 through 12).[1] Although Brad's speech and mannerisms suggest that he is between one and two years old, he is about half the size of Bert, making him appear a bit older.

His most prominent appearance was in a sketch in which Bert's attempts to give him a bath become hindered by Ernie's bath toy obsession (EKA: Episode 1134). He also appeared in a segment taking place in The Arbor, sitting inside a baby carriage.

One of several types of love that Bert describes in a Sesame Street Pageant includes, "When I hold my little nephew, and I bounce him on my knee, I'm smiling down at him, and he's smiling up at me. That's love."

Brad can be spotted in the "Rainbow Connection" finale of The Muppet Movie, on the far right in front of Roosevelt Franklin and his mother.

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