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PERFORMER Nigel Plaskitt
DEBUT 1999

Bossy Boots appeared in the Mopatop's Shop episode "The Do-What-I-Say"

He comes into the shop expecting everyone to dance, beacuse he said it. However they don't follow his command, so he wants a Do-What-I-Say, and Mopatop finds one for him. He then tries it on Mopatop and Puppyduck. However he learns from Moosey Mouse that theres a more powerful word that "Do what I say" and that word is "Please" after trying it out on Mopatop and Puppyduck, who are not moving as he told them before the Do-What-I-Say broke, he decides that he don't need it but instead he wants a cheese that says please.

The puppet was originally used on Fraggle Rock as an unnamed background cave creature.

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