Written by Paul Williams
Date 1977
Publisher Hobbitron Enterprises, Inc.

"Born in a Trunk" was a song written by Paul Williams for Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas but cut prior to filming. The song was restored and released from the Henson vaults on the 2005 DVD release.

The gaudy, cabaret-like number contrasts with Mrs. Mink's reserved persona. Marilyn Sokol recorded the audio for the song, which was later cut from the special before filming. Although it was cut, the store owner can still be seen in her sequins and feathers running around backstage prior to the show.

In an interview on the aforementioned DVD release, Williams says he hopes to finish the song someday. For the stage adaptation, he wrote a new verse of the song, which still ends abruptly as Harrison Fox ends Mrs. Mink's performance before it becomes too racy.

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