Boredom Juice is a poison used by the Gorgs for eliminating garden pests. Anyone who smells it is instantly bored stiff -- they become still, glassy-eyed, and drone "Boring," in a drawn-out, monotonous tone.

In "Bored Stiff", Pa Gorg sprays the Rock with boredom juice to get rid of the Fraggles. Wembley, Red and Mokey are all standing by the entrance to the Gorg's Garden and start sniffing the air, trying to identify the smell. In mid-discussion and in unison, the effects of the poison hit them. They choke, whistle a short tune and then snap rigid, falling back against the rock wall, as stiff as a board -- bored stiff.

After Gobo unsuccessfully tries to "un-bore" his friends by mentioning things that interest them, he races off into the garden to get the cure from Junior Gorg. Meanwhile, Junior is suffering from a conscience crisis about using boredom juice on any more of the Fraggles. He decides to get rid of the juice, dumping the contents of the spray can on a flower in the garden.

Gobo notices the cure, which Junior put in his shoe. Junior tries to greet Gobo, causing Gobo to change course and run past Junior, stopping right next to the flower. Gobo stops to smell the flower and like his friends becomes bored stiff. Junior watches this unfold and decides to cure Gobo. Following the instructions, Junior dances with a bowl on his head and sings "Whoops! Feelin' Better!".

The cure works, and Gobo and Junior decide to help one another; Junior to get his parents to leave the Fraggles alone and Gobo to unbore his friends. After formulating a plan, Junior Gorg tells Ma and Pa Gorg that he is dying of boredom, and pretends as if he had smelled boredom juice. As he falls to the ground, he lands next to the flower that he had earlier poured the boredom juice on. A couple sniffs and Junior Gorg becomes bored stiff.

Gobo realizes that he is the only one left who can save his friends and Junior Gorg. He retrieves a bowl from the picnic basket that he and his friends had earlier. Gobo returns to Junior, puts the bowl on his head and sings "Whoops! Feelin' Better!" which snaps Junior out of it. He joins in singing, which "un-bores" Wembley, Mokey and Red, and all four Fraggles join in singing. At the end of the episode, they realize that Fraggles and Gorgs can work together to help each other.