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Big Bird's Market playset

Bookville playsets were produced in the early and mid-90s by Tyco. They look like a hardcover book but when opened revealed two main character PVC figures and accessories.

The following playsets were produced:

  • Big Bird's Market with figures of Big Bird and Cookie Monster (plus a shop façade, a counter, shopcar, a pile of tins, 2 shelves and a yellow car)
  • Farm with figures farmer Bert and farmer Ernie, Muppet Cow and Muppet Sheep (plus a barn façade, tractor, a gate that opens, two fenceposts (with chickens attached), a feeding manger and a milk can)
  • Garage with figures of Grover and Elmo (gasstation façade with a red car, 2 fuelpumps, a phonebooth, a tire-rack and a counter)

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