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Bonte Avond in Sesamstraat (A Night Play on Sesame Street) was a Sesamstraat Theater show which premiered in 2016. It was the sixth live show based on Sesamstraat.

The show was specially written and performed in the Netherlands to celebrate Sesamstraat's 40th anniversary. It ran from September 2016 until December 2016. This project didn't go through the original Sesamstraat show. Because of that the original voices didn't want to get involved and new voices that came close, where used for the production.

The Sesame Street residents come up with a brand new festive performance for theater, because Sesame Street exists in the Netherlands for 40 years! In this comic, warm and cheerful show with many beautiful songs. The Sesame Street residents are also seeking their own talent. Everyone wants to give a nice appearance and has its own way to achieve this. They discover their own talents to ensure a memorable celebration at the end of their performance.


Tommie, Elmo, Bert and Ernie.

The cast also included a human character, Roos.

Performing cast

Voice cast


  • Mark van Ierssel, producer in association with NEW productions
  • Antonie Zuijderwijk, producer and tourmanager
  • Barthel van Lint, director and script
  • Ferry Hogeboom en Barthel van Lint, lyrics
  • Jan Willem Hoekstra, music
  • Willem Schotten, decor
  • Ontwerp Enzo, Ingrid Huijskens, design
  • Monira McIntosh, choreography
  • Sheffield Vision, Richard and Eve Wood, translations
  • Mark Theater en Impact Entertainment, PR and marketing

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