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The Bog of Eternal stench, bubbling over


The bridge over the Bog

Design Team:
Eliot Scott • (production designer)
George Gibbs • (effects designer/construction)

The Bog of Eternal Stench is a seething swampy body of "water" in Labyrinth. The bog regularly emits unpleasant gurgles, belches, and other noises, and sends forth an repulsive odor. Brackish muddy fluids and bubbling openings dot the area, and sunken tree branches and swamp poke out from the horrid depths. Legend has it that if you put so much as one toe in the Bog you will smell bad....forever. Hoggle is duly terrified of the bog, and the general atmosphere is such that it inhibits breathing. The bog can be crossed through a bridge, guarded by Sir Didymus, and lies en route to Goblin City. Rotting trees and weeds surround the bog, and the entire area resembles a swamp with dyspepsia.

Behind the Scenes

According to the film's production notes, the bog was created from 30,000 gallons of water mixed with celabol, a thickening powder used in many wallpaper pastes. Brown and blue dyes were then added, along with tiny glass beads, to create a sludgy yet flexible swamp mass, with additional effects installed to create the bubbling emissions.

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