Bob Ring was a sound effects artist with the ABC Radio and Television Networks in New York City, from 1963 to 1966 and again in 1968, after service with the US Navy Reserve. Amongst other assignments, he created the sound effects for the Rowlf skits on The Jimmy Dean Show, once the show's taping location was moved to the Colonial Theater on Broadway.

In 1968, Ring and Dick Maitland formed Aquarius Sound Ltd. to produce sound effects for Sesame Street. Ring later sold his interest in the company, now known as Rubber Ducky, to Maitland, who has continued to provide sound effects for the series. In the 1970s, working with Maitland, Ring was a field tester and advisor for Tedd Rapp and the now famous Tram Microphone.

Working out of San Francisco, Ring was an accomplished corporate production audio engineer and mixer who travelled all over the world with IBM, RCA and many others.

Ring recently was honored by admission to the Hofstra University Hall of Fame.

Ring's other credits range from the radio drama Theater Five and ABC's Wide World of Sports to such game shows as Missing Links, Get the Message, and The Price Is Right. After a forty-two year audio career in New York City and San Francisco, Ring is retired in Peacham, Vermont.