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#[[Somebody Come and Play (song)|Somebody Come and Play]]
#[[Somebody Come and Play (song)|Somebody Come and Play]]
#[[Rubber Duckie (song)|Rubber Duckie]]
#[[Rubber Duckie (song)|Rubber Duckie]]
#[[Put Down the Duckie]]
#[[Put Down the Duckie (song)|Put Down the Duckie]]
#[[Bein' Green]]
#[[Bein' Green]]
#[[A Face]]
#[[A Face]]

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Songs from Sesame Street
Released 1991
Format CD
Label A&M Records
Cat no. 75021 0414 2

Bob's Favorite Street Songs is an album of new versions of classic Sesame Street songs, spanning the first 20 years of the show, all performed by Bob McGrath. Some of the songs had been made famous by Bob, and others had been performed by other characters.

This album was later reissued by Bob's Kids Music, which is Bob's in-house label.

Track listing

  1. Sesame Street Theme
  2. Hi Friend
  3. Right in the Middle of My Face
  4. Morning Town Ride
  5. The People in Your Neighborhood
  6. Sing
  7. Somebody Come and Play
  8. Rubber Duckie
  9. Put Down the Duckie
  10. Bein' Green
  11. A Face
  12. See You Tomorrow

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