Songs from Sesam Stasjon
Released 1997
Format CD
Label Polydor
Cat no.

Bjarnes Favoritter is a 1997 soundtrack album for Sesam Stasjon, the Norwegian co-production of Sesame Street. This album, representing Bjarne Betjent's favorite songs.

Track listing

  1. Sesam vignett (Sesam Stasjon theme song)
  2. Jeg er betjenten Bjarne (I am Bjarne the valet)
  3. Da teller jeg vennene mine (Then I count my friends)
  4. I posten (In the mail)
  5. På stasjonen i Milano (At the station in Milan)
  6. Jeg vil være snill (I want to be kind)
  7. Bollesang (Bun song)
  8. Sitter i en shorts (Sitting in shorts)
  9. Bjarnes cowboysang (Bjarne's cowboy song)
  10. Den blå planet (The blue planet)
  11. Ros, bare ros (Praise, only praise)
  12. Så lenge vi er venner (As long as we are friends)
  13. Jeg heter Bjarne (My name is Bjarne)
  14. Tidemann passer tiden (Tidemann in good time)
  15. Jeg traller når jeg triller (I sing when I roll the trolley)
  16. Skriv en lapp (Write a note)
  17. Tenk så mange bøker (Imagine so many books)
  18. Da Tiedemann var liten gutt (When Tiedemann was a little boy)
  19. Sprellemann (jumping jack)
  20. Høstsang (Autumn Song)
  21. Ranselen min (My bag)
  22. Reperatørsang (The repair song)
  23. Du er så fin når du sover (You looks so nice when you sleep)
  24. Bjarne er alene (Bjarne is alone)
  25. Sesam, sesam, alt er stille (Sesam, Sesam everything is quiet)
  26. Makrellakvarell


Production credits

  • Composers: Bruce Hart, Roy Hellvin, Håkon Iversen, Sigvald Tveit, Eyvind Skeie and Joe Raposo
  • Writers: Eyvind Skeie, Gudny Hagen, Anne B Ragde and Unni Lindell

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