Bjornen i det Blaa Hus

Bjornen i det Blaa Hus

Bjørnen i det Blå Hus is the Danish dub of Bear in the Big Blue House.

When it was first announced that channel DR1 had bought the rights for 39 episodes, in April 1998, it was mentioned that they would produce small segments with Danish kids for the show. However, these segments never aired. The first 26 episodes were shown from November-December 1998 on DR1. More episodes than the first 39 have been shown on the channel since.

The show have also aired regularly on The Disney Channel in Denmark.

Translations and Voices

English Name Danish Name Danish Voice Actor
Bear Bjørn Michael Boesen
Tutter Tutter Sune Svanekier
Pip Pip Peter Secher Schmidt
Pop Pop Peter Secher Schmidt
Ojo Ojo Simone Drechsler
Treelo Trillo Troels Walther
Luna Luna Kirsten Price
Shadow Skygge Cecilie Stenspil
Jacques the Beaver Jacques Peter Secher Schmidt

Other Credits

  • Director: Jan Tellefsen
  • Danish Translation: Søren Lampe
  • Studio: Adaptor D&D

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