Written by Cheryl Hardwick and Mark Saltzman
Publisher Sesame Street, Inc.
EKA Episode 2417

Birdland is a song about the Birdland nightclub on Sesame Street.

Performed with Hoots the Owl and his band, Olivia sings about the only place where an "owl lets his saxophone howl", the place where "birds of a feather (are) jammin' together." The song is also a call-and-response style tune as Olivia has the patrons of Birdland shout out the titular place whenever she mentions it.

Among the audience members that can be seen singing along are Chip and Dip (in the band), Poco Loco, David, Madame Chairbird, Don Music, Luis, Indigo, Leo Birdelli, Athena, Ferlinghetti Donizetti, Tatyana Ali, and Little Bird.


  • In later airings of the song, footage featuring David was removed due to the retiring of the character. It was replaced with video of other characters in Birdland singing along, including a shot of a kid seated with Sully and Placido Flamingo.

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