The interior, with Lillias White singing "Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5".

Birdland is a jazz club on Sesame Street where Hoots the Owl often introduces the acts, which have included Bobby McFerrin and Joe Williams. Hoots' granddaughter Athena has also been the MC at Birdland.

Birdland existed as an interior only for a few seasons before gaining an exterior set in Season 25, as one of the Around the Corner locations. The exterior was dropped from the show, along with the other Around the Corner sets, after Season 29.

Birdland is based on a real jazz club that was inspired by famed musician Charlie Parker, whose nickname was Bird and who served as the headliner for the club. The original Birdland was in operation from 1949-1965, but a club with the same name opened in 1986.

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