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Bill the Bubble Guy's very specific talent -- that he can make bubbles come out of his head -- is a regular running gag on Muppets Tonight. He also appeared in the recurring segment "The Real World Muppets."

Bill first appeared in episode 102, in which the Head of the Network threatened to cancel Muppets Tonight and give Bill his own show unless guest star Garth Brooks performed a country song. Unfortunately for Bill, Garth closed the show with his hit, "We Shall Be Free."

In episode 107, Bill and his family appeared in a sketch called "While You Were Slapping." His mother, Belle, who shares his special talent, also visited KMUP in episode 212.

In episode 205, Bill was one of the only Muppets to keep his identity when Ernst Stavros Grouper assigned new personalities to the show's characters; when Bill claimed that his name was Bob and that raisins came out of his ears, Mr. Grouper decided that his name would be Bill, instead, and that bubbles would come out of his head.


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