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Big Foot is an over-sized human foot who appeared in "Elmo's World: Feet". When first appearing at Elmo's door he says, "Just want to get my foot in the door." followed with squeaky sounds. When Big Foot talks, he moves his toes down. He takes occasional foot puns. By his own estimation, Big Foot is "about a foot" long (i.e., the length of Big Foot, rather than 12 inches). Big Foot shows Elmo he has five toes and toenails, and laughs, telling Elmo his arch is ticklish when Elmo scratches him there, he also shows off his heel. He tells Elmo he can walk, run, or kick up his heels, and most of all he likes to dance. Big Foot tells Elmo he likes to tap, do ballet, or cha-cha, but he claims most of all he likes to river dance. Big Foot also dances with Elmo, and helps by acting as a piano bench Elmo play the piano (with his feet) for the episode's closing song.

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