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Written by Sam Pottle
Tony Geiss
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.

Bob and Big Bird find a big pile of instruments on the street in front of 123 Sesame Street. Bert is standing on the corner wearing a marching band uniform and they ask him what's going on. He explains that he and his band are going to go to the park and play today; he's just waiting for everyone to arrive on the bus. He's the band leader and he also plays the whistle. After Big Bird tries to play the leader's baton, Bob offers to explain to him what a brass band is.

All of the other adults have picked up the various instruments. Bob sings "Big Brass Band", with a verse about each instrument which explains that while the instrument may not sound so great alone, it sounds wonderful as part of a band. Once he has detailed the trumpet, sousaphone, piccolo, trombone, bass drum, cymbals, and snare drum, everyone forms into a band and marches. As they march down the street and away from the corner, Bert's bus arrives. He abruptly shifts from enjoying the music to chasing after them trying to get his instruments back.

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