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DEBUT 1993
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

Big Bo Peep is a brother of Little Bo Peep who appeared in a 1993 episode of Sesame Street.

In the episode, Elmo encounters a sobbing shepherd, who introduces himself as Big Bo Peep, brother of Little Bo Peep. He was told to look after her sheep, but now he doesn't know where to find them. Elmo offers to help him find the sheep, and he starts crying with joy.

Lillian encounters Elmo and Big Bo Peep crying, but Elmo is only pretending to cry. Big Bo Peep is worried that the sheep will come into the courtyard if he goes off to find them. Lillian suggests that Elmo look for the sheep while Big Bo Peep stays where he is.

Big Bo Peep gives Elmo a picture of the five sheep (who make up a softball team), and Elmo goes off. BBP then cries because he doesn't know his way around Sesame Street. Lillian volunteers to help him. He starts to tell a joke, but breaks down into sobs when he remembers that the sheep love the joke.

Later in the episode, Elmo comes back to Big Bo Peep, who is still crying. Elmo thinks the sheep have been following him, but then he notices that they aren't behind him. He sets out to look for them again.

Meanwhile, the sheep, who are only a stone's throw away from Big Bo Peep, don't know where they are either. They wander away, and Elmo chases after them, while Lillian announces the sponsors and tries to comfort the sobbing shepherd.

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