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Big Bird walk-arounds

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Full-body puppet/costumes of Big Bird created for various stage shows and public appearances. Costumes used in Sesame Street Live are exactly 8' 2", the exact same height as the Big Bird puppet on Sesame Street itself. Whenever Big Bird appears in Sesame Street Live, he always wears a striped tie (to hide the vision hole in Big Bird's neck, very similar to certain occasions when Big Bird would perform on location in the TV specials.) Unlike the puppet from the show, the mouth doesn't move, allowing the performer to use both his hands as Big Bird's hands.

The costumes were originally designed and fabricated by The Muppet Workshop, and are currently made by the VEE Corporation in Minnesota. As of 1985, the Big Bird costume for Sesame Street Live productions cost $30,000.[1]

Full Body Puppet/Costume Year Stage Production Notes
Holidayonicebigbird 1978 Holiday on Ice, and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street
Big Bird Live 2003 Out of This World
Img 0024 Sesame Place Big Bird appears as a park walk around character at Sesame Place. The silent full body character shakes hands, poses for pictures and signs autographs. Big Bird also appears in parades and stage shows, to a vocal track by Caroll Spinney.
BigBirdBlueTie Sesame Place Similar design with a solid blue tie.


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