Several Sesame Street sketches featuring Big Bird and Zoe appeared throughout the 1990s.

Picture Summary / EKA Description
"Read Me a Story"
Episode 3388
Big Bird teaches Zoe how to ask someone to read a book to them.
Big Bird Asks a Question
Episode 3424
Big Bird asks Zoe about her banana dance.
All About Two
Episode 3449
Zoe and Big Bird display the number two, and point out how many things they have in pairs (eyes, feet, etc.).
Count to Seventeen
Episode 3457
Big Bird and Zoe count to 17.
Episode 3613
Big Bird talks about between by showing that he is in the middle between Zoe and Radar.
Same and Different
Episode 3633
Big Bird and Zoe show the same and different.
Big Zoe, Little Big Bird
Episode 3709
Big Bird and Zoe show the difference between "big" and "little".

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