The Big Bird and Snuffy bumpers were a series of transitional segments used from Season 31 to Season 32 in which Big Bird and Snuffy perform a vaudeville act which transitions to the next segment. They were distinguished by the preceding performer, and are as follows:

Picture EKA Description



Episode 3859 A quartet of lambs do a daredevil act on stage, which involves the first two lambs balancing a chair on top of a pole, the third lamb firing a cannon, and the fourth lamb landing in the chair after being shot out of the cannon. When the act fails, vaudeville team Big Bird and Snuffy take the stage, and introduce the letter of the day with a joke.

Episode 3859 A tuxedoed elephant dances to "Tea for Two," and ends up damaging part of the stage. Big Bird and Snuffy come out again to tell a joke and introduce a shape segment.

Episode 3859 A magician attempts a suspension act, which fails. Big Bird and Snuffy then come back out to introduce the number of the day ...

Episode 3859 Shecky the penguin makes his final bird call on a cellphone. When he's done, Big Bird and Snuffy come out again, this time to re-introduce the number of the day ...

Episode 3871 A rooster comedian is yanked off stage, and Big Bird and Snuffy introduce an alphabet segment ...
Episode 3885 The rooster comedian bombs again, so Big Bird and Snuffy come back out to introduce the letter of the day...

Episode 3885 An operatic bird attempts to sing "Largo al factotum," but once again, the stage belongs to Big Bird and Snuffy, who feel a song coming on ...

Episode 3967 A trio of dogs bark "Jingle Bells," leading to Big Bird and Snuffy introducing a dog segment.

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