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Big Bird Visits Navajo Country

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Written by  Liza Alexander
Illustrator  Maggie Swanson
Published  1992
Publisher  Golden Press
Series  A Little Golden Book
ISBN  0307001261

Big Bird Visits Navajo Country is a 1992 Sesame Street Little Golden Book featuring Big Bird.

Big Bird arrives in the Arizona desert via Gray Bird Bus Company to meet his pen pal Joey, a member of the Navajo nation. Joey and his family, consisting of his sister Sally, his Mother and Father, his Grandmother and his uncle Tony, take Big Bird on a series of adventures.

During his stay Big Bird watches a sunset at the Grand Canyon, sleeps in Joey's grandmother's hogan (a small round house made of logs and clay), watches Joey's parents weave a blanket and make silver and turquoise jewelry, helps Uncle Tony shear sheep, and rides a pony where he sees a rock formation as tall as Empire State Building.

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