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Written by 
Illustrator  photos by John E. Barrett
Published  1990
Publisher  Random House
Series  Books for Young Readers
ISBN  0679807527

Big Bird Is Yellow is a 1990 Sesame Street photo book. The 12-page board book features photos by John E. Barrett, with stylist Danielle Obinger.

The book shows the Sesame cast in simple scenes, each demonstrating a different color:

  • Big Bird and Little Bird squeeze yellow lemons to make lemonade.
  • Elmo pulls a red wagon, filled with apples, strawberries and a toy fire truck.
  • Ernie finds an orange pumpkin in the fall leaves.
  • Grover climbs a tree to find blue eggs in a nest.
  • Prairie Dawn paints a picture of a pink toy flamingo.
  • A purple Honker hangs up his purple laundry on a clothesline.
  • Oscar the Grouch eats a dish of green ice cream.

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