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Written by Rick Wetzel
Illustrator Maggie Swanson
Published 1987
Publisher Random House
Series A Random House PICTUREBACK Book
ISBN 0394891260

Big Bird's Bedtime Story is a 1987 Sesame Street storybook featuring Big Bird.

Big Bird asks Luis to tell him a bedtime story about himself. Luis tells him that one day an enormous egg came to Sesame Street. It was delivered to Hooper's Store instead of the usual eggs, and David didn't know what to do with it. So Ernie and Grover, with the help of Bert, Telly Monster, and Cookie Monster take charge. They build a nest, and keep the egg warm with Grover's blankie. They discuss what kind of egg it might be, such as a dinosaur egg. They watch over it and wait impatiently for it to hatch. When it finally hatches, Baby Big Bird is inside. Big Bird is impatient throughout the story, unable to see what it has to do with him, but he falls asleep before the ending and doesn't find out.


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