Betty Crocker - Swedish Chef Fruity Love Parfaits01:08

Betty Crocker - Swedish Chef Fruity Love Parfaits

Betty Crocker is a brand of General Mills, named after a fictional housewife.

In 2014, General Mills products Cheerios and Go-Gurt featured the Muppets brand for their packaging. Betty Crocker released a series of recipe videos introduced by The Swedish Chef, called The Swedish Chef's Recipes from The Muppets' World Tour! with Cheerios & Go-Gurt.

  • Fruity Love Parfaits
  • Cheerios Crown of Fruity Jewels
  • "The Chipper" Bento Box
  • Cheerios Breakfast Rounds Tea Cakes
  • Fruit Tapas with Fruity Go-GURT Dip
  • Mini German Pancake Puffs with Cinnamon Apples

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