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Betsy Baytos is a dancer who joined The Muppet Show during the last season to perform Betsy Bird, a character created to showcase her dancing. Baytos was considered "an eccentric" dancer in the style of Ray Bolger. She could do splits vertically as she danced and often appeared double jointed.

She has also created the mascots for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Baytos' other credits range from building puppets for Shelley Duvall's Fairy Tale Theatre to assorted work for Disney (including dancing with an animated Thumper from Bambi, assistant animation work on various features, and most recently, choreographing the live-action reference dancers for The Princess and the Frog).

She is currently fundraising for Funny Feet: The Art of Eccentric Dance, a documentary. The film would tap 1000 hours of eccentric dance footage she's collected, and 45 interviews. Bill Irwin performed at a Disney-sponsored event in 1996, hosted by Steve Allen, the inspiration for the documentary. Completed interviews include Lord Lew Grade, Jerry Lewis, Marcel Marceau, Chuck Jones, and Al Hirschfeld.

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