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Written by  Michaela Muntean
Illustrator  Tom Cooke
Published  1989
Publisher  Western Publishing
Series  Good-Night Stories
ISBN  0307295052

Bert and the Magic Lamp is a 1989 Sesame Street storybook with three stories: "Bert and the Magic Lamp", "Life-Styles of the Large and Furry" and "The Shadow-Picture Show".

"Life-Styles of the Large and Furry" is notable because it presents a look inside 456 Snuffle Circle, the cave where Mr. Snuffleupagus and his family live. Characters include Mommy Snuffleupagus, his sister Alice, and Aunt Agnes Snuffleupagus. It's also revealed that Snuffy's cave connects to the cave where The Count's bats live.

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