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Written by Julie Frost and John Gordon
Date 2011

"Bert, oh Bert" is a Sesamstrasse music video featuring Ernie, Bert and Lena Meyer-Landrut that first aired on German channels ADR, NDR and KI.KIA on April 8, 2011. Since the premiere it has been shown various times each day, most notably before or after various Sesamstrasse episodes on ARD.

The video was used as a regular segment in Sesamstrasse episode 2586, later airing as part of the mini-series "Ernie & Bert Songs".

At a Sesamstrasse backyard, Ernie waits for Bert to join him in picking fruit. When he doesn't show up, Lena arrives and sings about the different things that could've happened to him, such as being put under a spell and turning into a lemon or getting abducted by aliens. At the song's end, Bert finally arrives. The ending also includes an appearance by The Martians, flying in their ship.

Ernie had previously worried about Bert being captured by aliens in an early Sesame Street sketch.

The song parodies Lena's song "Satellite," which won the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest for Germany.

Bert, oh Bert! - Lena Meyer-Landrut singt in der Sesamstraße - NDR - ARD04:39

Bert, oh Bert! - Lena Meyer-Landrut singt in der Sesamstraße - NDR - ARD

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