Music by Christopher Cerf
Lyrics by Sara Compton
Publisher Splotched Animal Music Company
Sesame Street Inc.
EKA Episode 2447
Sesame Street Bert's Blanket

Sesame Street Bert's Blanket

"Bert's Blanket" is a Sesame Street song. Ernie is spending the night at the Count's castle, so Bert thinks that he'll finally get to have a good night's sleep. His plan is thwarted by a group of sheep who come in and sing to Bert about where his blanket came from.

When they start singing, the scene changes to a farm setting, where Ernie appears as a farmer, shaving off their wool. Afterwards, Bert asks them to talk about what happens next, but they don't know what happens next. They just assume that the wool is magically turned into a blanket, but Bert explains how it's made into a blanket.

After they finish singing, Bert invites them to sleep over, since Ernie's bed is empty, but they choose to sleep in Bert's bed.




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