Ben Kingsley (b. 1943, birthname Krishna Bhanji) is a British actor of Indian descent and an Academy Award winner for playing the title role in Ghandi (1982). He played Major Caterpillar in the 1999 Creature Shop TV movie Alice in Wonderland.

Kingsley's film credits range from the Sherlock Holmes comedy Without a Clue (as Dr. Watson opposite Michael Caine) to Bugsy, House of Sand and Fog, and Sexy Beast (receiving Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting actor for the latter three). In 2001, he received a knighthood, becoming Sir Ben Kingsley.


  • On January 23, 2016, Gonzo tweeted, "You never know when creativity will strike! It struck me as I was careening down a mountain and into a marble sculpture of Sir Ben Kingsley." [1]

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