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Belmont - a horse on wheels.

Design Team:
Larry DiFiori • (designer)
Ed Christie • (builder)

Belmont is a toy "scooter" horse on wheels. He appeared in The Christmas Toy. He is the worrying type and has to be convinced by the other toys to help save Rugby. On the subsequent spin-off The Secret Life of Toys, Belmont was replaced by Hortense, presumably due to the death of Belmont's puppeteer, Richard Hunt, two years prior to the start of that series.

Belmont shares the same name as Belmont Park, the famed horse racing track.

In the book Quilting with the Muppets, builder Ed Christie describes the character as "dopey, yet ultimately heroic...I consider it one of my favorite and most successful characters in my 22-year career in the Muppet Workshop."

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