DEBUT 2014

Bela Pogolyi is the world's greatest (and only) pogostick coach, as seen in a season 44 episode of Sesame Street.

Pogolyi arrives on the street, just in time for the Pogo Games and offers to coach Telly Monster. He assures him that if he follows his directions, he can get the Pogo Gold. However, Pogolyi's methods of boinging all but inhibit from Telly from boinging properly, which Pogolyi blames squarely on Telly. When the games begin, Telly tries Pogolyi's methods, but instead scores no points. Telly finally tires it his way and scores higher than everyone else, earning him the Gold. Pogolyi is so impressed and wants Telly to coach him, as he's never actually used a pogostick before.

He is a parody of Olympic gymnastics coach, Bela Karolyi.

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