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*''[[Sing: Songs of Joe Raposo]]'' (1992)
*''[[Sing: Songs of Joe Raposo]]'' (1992)
*[[]] (animated version)
*[[]] (animated version) {{SSvideo|68a35cf1-157b-11dd-9bc7-777dea8a73e7}}
[[Category:Sesame Street Songs|Bein' A Pig]]
[[Category:Sesame Street Songs|Bein' A Pig]]

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Written by Joe Raposo
Date 1987
Publisher Jonico Music, Inc.

"Bein' a Pig" is a Sesame Street song that, like composer Joe Raposo's "I'm an Aardvark," extols the virtues of the titular animal, this time from a "first porcine" perspective. The song, with character vocals by Joe Raposo, was played over live footage of pigs in the Sesame Street insert.

Another song about the life of pigs, "I Love Being a Pig," was first performed on the second season of Sesame Street. "Bein' a Pig" is in a 4/4 meter, as opposed to "I Love Being a Pig," which is in 3/4.

In Season 33, a new animated version was made by Misseri Studio, using Raposo's original vocal track. (EKA: Episode 4027)



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