PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1984

Beige Fraggle is one of the Cave Fraggles from the second season Fraggle Rock episode "Fraggle Wars". He is in charge of guarding Mokey when she is captured and kept prisoner in a cage. Beige tries very hard to be a tough, efficient Security Fraggle, but secretly begins to feel sorry for Mokey. When war threatens to break out between the Cave Fraggles and the Rock Fraggles, Beige finds the courage to help Mokey and, with Red's help, stop the battle before it starts. Like Red, however, his name is the same as his color, except his is the same color as his skin, and Red's is the same as her shirt.

While Mokey was being kept in the cage, she and Beige discussed the differences between their two cultures. Beige demonstrates the Cave Fraggles' unique sense of humor with the song "Ho Ho Ho (What a Funny World It Is)". One joke they find particularly amusing goes, "I met a man who had a son, he also had a daughter too!"