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Beat the Time, a parody of Beat the Clock, was a Sesame Street game show hosted by Guy Smiley. The object of the game was for the contestant to complete a task before the clock ran out. This usually resulted in the destruction of the set.


Picture Guest Earliest Known Appearance Description
Beat The Time
Cookie Monster
Episode 0494 In order to win a cookie, Cookie Monster has to find three things that rhyme with the word '"rain" before the hand goes around the clock. They turn out to be an old man's cane, a chain (to which Frazzle is attached), and finally a train which destroys the set.
(Note: The locomotive in this skit is the prop used in "The Ballad of Casey McPhee".)

Video: Play-Along Games and Songs, Old School: Volume 1 (in Episode 0536), Best of Sesame Street Spoofs!
Book: Sesame Street Unpaved

Episode 0684 Grover has one minute to bring in five items that contain milk. They turn out to be ice cream, cheese, butter, and two cows, all of which add up to five items.
(Note: Gladys the Cow and Natalie appeared as the two cows.)

Video: Old School: Volume 2 (in Episode 0666), Best of Sesame Street Spoofs!

Beat The Time
Count von Count
Episode 1845 The Count has to bring in two items that come from the sky, but he'd rather count the twenty seconds remaining on the clock. As it turns out, that brings thunder and lightning into the studio, both of which come from the sky! Guy tells The Count that he can have anything he wants as a prize. The Count chooses another twenty seconds on the clock to count and Smiley notes that the show was able to really get below budget for this episode.

Video: Let's Play Games, Best of Sesame Street Spoofs!
Online: (SSvideo)

Episode 2610 Elmo must bring in three items that start with "SN" within thirty seconds (though the clock is clearly going a lot slower than that). They turn out to be a man's snack of nuts and raisins, a sneaker (worn by Telly Monster), and finally, the massive Mr. Snuffleupagus! As his prize, he is given a snowman wearing a snorkel.

Video: Best of Sesame Street Spoofs!, Elmo's Travel Songs and Games (Australian release)

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