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Songs from Bear in the Big Blue House
Released 2002
Format CD
Label Walt Disney Records
Cat no. 60738-7

Bear's Holiday Celebration is a 2002 Bear in the Big Blue House album that collects songs from the episodes "A Berry Bear Christmas", "Halloween Bear", "Bats are People Too", "The Best Thanksgiving Ever", "A Winter's Nap", "Afraid Not" and "And To All a Good Night".

Track listing

  1. Berry Bear Christmas
    Peter Lurye
  2. A Holiday for Everyone
    Brian Woodbury
  3. That's All I Want for Christmas
    David Yazbek
  4. Legend of the Winter Berry
    Brian Woodbury
  5. What If (There Was No Big Blue House)
    Peter Lurye
  6. Woodland Valley Carols
    Trad., arranged by Peter Lurye and Steve Charney
  7. Just Listen
    Mitchell Kriegman and Peter Lurye
  8. It's Kwanzaa Time
    Jon Ludwig, Peter Lurye and Tara Mooney
  9. Best Present Ever
    Peter Lurye
  10. Winter Berry / Holiday Reprise
    Brian Woodbury and Peter Lurye
  11. In the Middle of Winter
    David Yazbek
  12. What Are You Gonna Be for Halloween?
    Brian Woodbury and Peter Lurye
  13. Trick or Treat (Part 1)
    Peter Lurye
  14. Bat Dance
    Robert Cole and Deena Cole
  15. Trick or Treat (Part 2)
    Peter Lurye
  16. Nothing to Be Afraid Of
    Brian Woodbury
  17. Trick or Treat (Finale)
    Peter Lurye
  18. So Much to Be Thankful For
    Brian Woodbury and Peter Lurye
  19. Thanksgiving with My Friends
    Peter Lurye
  20. Goodbye Song (Full Cast Version)
    Peter Lurye

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