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Be Happy, It's Purim!

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Shalom Sesame
Release date March 8, 2011
Sponsors Pey, Tsadie
Shalom 6

Be Happy, It's Purim! is the sixth episode in the 2010 revival of Shalom Sesame.

Everyone’s dressing up for Purim, so get out your groggers and join the fun! Avigail is inspired by the story of Esther. Moishe Oofnik is his usual grouchy self…but who is that mysterious masked singer at the Purim Spiel?


  • Cartoon: The cast stars in the story of Purim.
  • Eva Longoria tells a joke about Purim.
  • Film: Eli dresses like an elephant for a Purim party.
  • Elmo and Natalie Portman act out "The Princess and the Elephant."
  • Animation: The Hebrew Calendar - Adar
  • Film: Kids talk about Purim.
  • Film: A brief video of kids in costume for Purim.
  • Song: "Dressed Up"

DVD Bonus

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