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Bay of Pigswatch, a parody of the televison show Baywatch, was featured as a recurring sketch on Muppets Tonight. Its cast of pig lifeguards included David Hoggselhoff as Champ Schwimmer, Spamela Hamderson as Spamela, and Andy and Randy Pig as Donnie and Art C. Shell.


Picture Episode Description
Episode 101: Michelle Pfeiffer

The first Bay of Pigswatch sketch is unique in that it stars Miss Piggy - she makes a cameo as herself (and even appears in the opening sequence). She is being chased by a shark- or THINKS she is, because as it so happens, the Shark is scared of pigs, and swims off in the opposite direction. The incompetent lifeguard Champ Schwimmer does not come to Miss Piggy's rescue, because he is rather preoccupied by his glamorous new assistant lifeguard, Spamela Hamderson. He collapses at the sight of her, and insists that he needs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation- this is an excuse to get Spamela to kiss him. Miss Piggy- whom Spamela mistakes for a baby whale- arrives and, when Champ admits he would rather make out with Spamela than save her from a shark, she karate chops him across the beach.

This episode was also shown in episode 209.

Episode 105: Cindy Crawford Champ finds another excuse to kiss Spamela- she has been poisoned by a jellyfish, who stung her in the foot. He proceeds to suck out the poison- starting with her lips! Meanwhile, Donnie and Art C. Shell mistake a World War II mine for a beach ball and toss it back and forth. When Champ tries to intervene, he drops the mine and is incinerated.
Episode 204: Pierce Brosnan Julius Strangepork makes an appearance as the commissioner of beach safety. He explains that Champ Schwimmer's lifeguard license needs to be renewed- but the license is missing. Dr. Strangepork decides to make Spamela the new lifeguard, but rather surprisingly, Champ's bumbling assistants, Donnie and Art, find his license inside a fish, which is really a shark. Champ gets his job back and they all dance the Hokey Pokey.
Episode 212: Daryl Hannah Champ tries to impressed Spamela by taking her on a boat ride across the bay. Donnie and Art monitor the motor of the boat until the motor comes off and they both go across the ocean with the motor.

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